I'm the only fag I like. (computerblue84) wrote in workers_world,
I'm the only fag I like.

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Worker's Ruckus

Hello. My name is Q. Allen and I am in NC Fight Imperialism-Stand Together (FIST). I will be interning with NYC Workers World Party this summer. If any of you are in the tri-state area (mainly NYC) and want to do something crazy + radical, you should let me know. I'm down for anything...marches, teach-ins, protests, direct action...if there are any ideas out there then let me know; i would love to work with other youth that are as passionate about Socialist revolution as i am. Together we can show the grown folks that the youth are ready to revolt right alongside them!
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You go, Q!! Have a great week with Tomatoes and in NYC! :) My oldy self will be in NYC as soon as the next round of classes are set up. You're just so damn cute; I want to adopt both of you!!
i love you.