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Workers World Party

workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!

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"What is our basic view? We're for socialism. We think that ownership of the tremendous productive wealth built up by hundreds of millions of workers can't remain in the hands of a privileged few.

The capitalist profit system is unplanned and irrational. It's wrecking the world. Improved technology brings layoffs and poverty, not comfort and lighter work. Booms lead to busts.

The competition for markets produces devastating wars and environmental destruction. Fabulous wealth alongside deep poverty poisons all human relations, stimulating racism and other blame-the-victim ideologies.

We put our ideas into practice. We are in the student movement, the labor movement, the women's movement, the lesbian/gay/bi/trans movement, the anti-war and anti-racist movements. We fight hard for a better life right now, but we know that nothing is secure--not our jobs, our homes, our health care, our pensions, our civil rights and liberties--as long as capitalism exists. So our goal is a society run by the workers, not just as pawns in a capitalist political game but as collective owners of the social wealth...

...We're independent Marxists who respect the struggles for self-determination and progress of oppressed nations. We try to understand their problems in a world dominated by Western imperialism. We don't jump on the bandwagon when Third World leaders are demonized. Our goal is solidarity of all the workers and oppressed against this criminal imperialist system."

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