fgsfds (freidenker) wrote in workers_world,

On socialism and communism...

Although Marx may have used the terms interexchangably, you know the difference between communism and socialism right?

Just a general question. I've met a lot of young Marxists who don't know a lot about communism really. It's funny. I'm sure most of you are well educated though.
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Deleted comment

As an addendum to this, Socialism is indeed a worker's state and is needed to protect against various forms of counter-revolution: The remnants of the bourgeois and petite-bourgeois who might ally with Imperialism and Bourgeois Ideology which can easily permeate the party. Similarly, the state is needed to organize workers, peasants, and soldiers against the force of Imperialism which can easily manifest itself as internal antagonisms. Lenin said that Socialism is a "bourgeois state without the bourgeois", because it initially requires some bourgeois economic practices such as wage-labor and commodity production, but, as the "bourgeois right" is phased out, as imperialism disintegrates, the state becomes antiquated and Communism is established.

Communism is simply where no classes exist. People work for eachother and for the good of all. This seems idealistic, I know, but, after the working people struggle under Socialism and are educated for hundreds of years. Working, laboring and inventing become an integral part of consciousness and therefore this type of society can exist.
real communism is like what the hippies wanted ... except really for everybody ... which is a lot harder than making your own little commune ... although there is nothing wrong with that ...

socialism is when you have to have the state and army and all that to protect what you are building ... no one really likes having to do that first ... but otherwise, you will be overrun like hippies by yuppies ... or the Soviet Union by the REAL evil empire ...